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The Podcast Without Fear

Episode 12- Twitterpated

This week, it is the middle chapter of Frank Miller’s rendition of Daredevil’s origin, Man Without Fear #3.

Matt gets cozy with Elektra, the mysterious girl that has him jumping through hoops, and has secrets of her own, secrets that could be deadly.

Matt’s fear of losing control seems to fade as he gets closer and closer to this new love interest, and by the end of the stories there will be broken hearts, and broken necks, as the New York Underworld gains a new boss.




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Episode 11- Show and Tell

Man Without Fear continues.

Battlin’ Jack Murdock is dead, and Matt is left with no outlet for the swell of emotions running through him.

So, he begins to track down his father’s killers, and learns a lesson in control

And, while in college, Matt meets Foggy Nelson, and a mysterious woman, who will test Matt’s grip on his emotions, and his abilities.




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Episode 10- Sneaky Lawyer’s Trick

Prepare to revisit Matt Murdock’s early years, through the lens of Frank Miller and John Romita, Jr.

Travel back, before the accident that gave Daredevil his abilities, to a young Matt Murdock, who experiences an epiphany that will someday form the Man Without Fear.

See how Battlin’ Jack Murdock lost his soul, and found redemption in the boxing ring, only to lose everything.

What were the days like after Matt lost his sight.

And, who is the mysterious Stick, and why is he important to Daredevil’s future? All of this and more, as the year-long Frank Miller read-through begins with Miller’s final work on Daredevil, in Daredevil: Man Without Fear #1.


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Episode 09- A Night in the Life

This week, a random number generator chooses an issue to close out 2013. And it picked Daredevil #139.

Ever wonder what a normal night looks like for Daredevil? Imagine mad bombers, drug-addicted former housewives who knock over pawn shops, and a fragile boy who ties all of it together.

Daredevil is in a frantic race against time, and we are along for the ride.





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Episode 08- Bullseye Never Misses

He’s one of Daredevil’s greatest foes. The Man Without Fear’s physical equal.

Bullseye makes it to the pages of Daredevil, and he makes a deadly entrance.

Watch as a rivalry is forged and Daredevil finds himself in the crosshair of a psychopath whose only goal is murder and chaos.

The pages of Daredevil #131 bring us Matt and Foggy in new jobs. Karen Page nowhere to be seen if you aren’t reading Ghost Rider. And, Heather Glenn… well, she’s there.

But, the main attraction is the madman in black, with the target on his head, and he has a plot to make a few bucks, and kill a few people along the way.


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