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Episode 26- Devils

If there ain’t no rest for the wicked, so Bullseye gets busy living, and killing, after escaping prison. Daredevil must face down his deadliest adversary and make a choice that […]

Episode 25- Elektra

It’s a legendary issue, as a certain female bounty hunter makes her first appearance. We flashback to Matt at college, and his first meeting with Elektra, and we learn the […]

Episode 24- The Mauler

Daredevil runs afoul of a shady business man, and facer first into conflict with the armored villain, The Mauler. In an issue guest-written by David Michelinie, The Punisher fails to […]

Episode 23- Saga of the Stuntmaster

W. Blaine Dowler from Bureau 42 returns to fill in for Dave, and tells the saga of the rise and fall of the comic industry. A constrictive code led to […]

Episode 22- Golden Age Daredevil

This week, it is a look back to the golden age of comics, as guest host W. Blaine Dowler of Bureau42.com brings a history lesson in the Lev Gleason Daredevil. […]