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Episode 07- Death is a Black Widow

Daredevil is saved from a watery grave by a new love interest- the competent and beautiful Natasha Rominov AKA THE BLACK WIDOW.

Just when The Owl thought he had the upper hand, this femme fatale turned hero shows up in Daredevil’s comic, and she looks to be there a while, if the change in the title’s name is any indication at all.

An important part of Daredevil history is introduced in this very issue.

Swoon as Dave explains the level of awesome that is Black Widow- Movie star and former spy in the pages of Daredevil #81.

Plus- The Daredevil TV series that almost was… and thankfully wasn’t to be.


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Episode 06- In The Midst of Life

It’s time for another sojourn into the world of Daredevil, as the Man Without Fear heads to… Vermont?!?!

That’s right. Hornhead is seeking Karen Page, but instead has found Death’s Head, a villain with ties to Karen Page’s childhood.

But, despite the horror movie vibe in the land of maple, don’t discount this issue, because Matt makes a stunning revelation to Karen.

That’s right, this issue has the moment that will one day lead to Daredevil’s ruin, because he tells his lady love that he is Daredevil.

But, how can that be? Matt Murdock is dead, thanks to a plane crash. Never count the Man Without Fear out, as he always finds a way.

And, an even bigger shock to listeners of the show— DAVE SIDES WITH KAREN PAGE.

That’s right. You read that- Dave sides with Karen, the vapid one. Why? Download and find out, folks.


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Episode 05- The Star-Spangled Avenger

It’s the living legend versus the Man Without Fear.

When Captain America puts on an exhibition fight for charity, a crazed Daredevil sweeps into the arena to face the star-Spangled Avenger.

It’s an out and out brawl that extends beyond the ring, and into Madison Square Garden, all with Gene Colan art, and Stan Lee’s words.

Join Dave as he delves into the Kirby cover and classic storytelling of Daredevil issue 43.




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Episode 04- You Never Forget Your First

It’s a trip down memory lane, and a very special episode as Dave looks at a classic issue of Daredevil.

Journey back to a hot summer, in which a young Dave opens up a ratty old comic, and discovers DAREDEVIL.

It’s an origin story, in pure podcast form. Luckily, Dave never took a radioactive vial to the eye-sockets, he just read a comic.

Daredevil #26 features some fun bits with Leap Frog, and a fight with Stilt Man, as well as top notch art from Gene “The Dean” Colan.

Oh, and there is Mike Murdock. Good old MIKE Murdock, fun-loving twin brother of Matt.


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Episode 03- There Shall Come a Gladiator

John Romita brings his distinctive art style to Daredevil, as a new villain emerges.

And- THE RED COSTUME APPEARS. Sure, it isn’t the first time in comics, but it is a first for this show.

As Foggy tries to work the old Nelson charm on Karen, he concocts a plan that attracts the wrong kind of attention, the attention of The Gladiator.

When his best-laid plans blow up in his face, Foggy is lucky to have a friend like Daredevil to get him out of a jam in Daredevil 18.



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